Football: And Then There Were Six

There are 6 undefeated teams remaining in college football, Mississippi State, Florida State, Mississippi, Baylor, Notre Dame, and Marshall. At least 2 of them should lose before the season ends because they play another undefeated team with Florida State playing Notre Dame this weekend and Mississippi State and Mississippi playing Thanksgiving weekend, leaving 4 undefeateds. Having 4 would be convenient with college football switching to a 4 team playoff this season, but it’s doubtful Marshall will end up in the playoff even if they remain undefeated. This means there will be a 1 loss team in the playoffs, maybe more than 1. It will be an interesting conversation deciding which loss is the best and who deserves to be in football’s version of the Final Four.

Kentucky is also off to a good start, 5-1, with the only loss being in overtime to Florida. Going to LSU this weekend and hosting Mississippi State next weekend will be much more of a test than we’ve been through so far and will show how much the program has improved under Stoops.