PacWest 2014

I went to Portland for PacWest. I had a flight delay in which I watched the news about the Malaysia Air flight going missing, which probably isn’t the best thing to watch before getting on a flight. I also had issues checking into my hotel in the middle of the night once I arrived. One of the annoying things with the delay was the airline showed it as being on time until at least 5 minutes past our scheduled departure time. I don’t know about beyond that because that’s when the plane door was closed and I put my phone on airplane mode.

After that the weekend was great until I tried to go home. I changed the wrong alarm on my phone, the one that doesn’t work on Mondays, so I woke up 70 minutes before my flight was scheduled to depart. Fortunately this was my first weekend with TSA PreCheck so I made it on the plane with 30 minutes to spare. When we got back I introduced Orry to Uncle Lou’s Fried Chicken.