Happy New Year

Happy New Year! 2013 is now a memory and 2014 is just getting started. I don’t know what happened New Year’s Eve,  not because I had a wild and crazy night, but because this was written before the New Year’s celebration began. As is fairly customary around this time, I’ve spent some time reflecting on the past and thinking about the future.

There are several things I will do in 2014, the first being read a book a month. I used to read a book about every 2 weeks, but last year I’m not sure I finished more than 2 books. I can only think of 2, Rework and The Soul of a Chef, but there may have been more. Second is get outside more. I spend too much time in front on my computer, at work and at home, instead of enjoying the great outdoors. Right now about the only time I get outside is when I run in the mornings.

Third is running more. I have no desire to actually run in a race, but I would like to make my runs longer and more frequent than they have been. It helps me keep the little bit of sanity I have remaining and there’s the health benefits thing, too. Next is cooking more. I’m not yet sure what I want to cook, but I’m thinking I’ll pick 2 or 3 things at a time and have a weekly revision to one of them. I’m pretty sure the first thing will be Black & Bleu Meatloaf, but not sure beyond that.

I hope your New Year’s Eve was as festive as you wanted it to be and your New Year brings you Enough.