The Got Laid Parade

Since New Year’s Eve is a night in which many people make choices that lead to the Walk of Shame, this video seemed perfect for today:

My question is why do so many people refer to this as the Walk of Shame. I like to think of it as the Got Laid Parade. I like to picture her strutting out of my place and down the street like she’s one of the drum majors in the Bayou Classic. In case you aren’t sure what I mean by this, here’s an example:

You just got laid and sex is fun. Hopefully it was also good, maybe even great. Why are you walking out with your head down trying to hide your face? You should be walking down the street with a sense of accomplishment for the World Rockin’ you just put on him. People should think you’re a fighter making your entrance to the ring and you should feel like you’re the Grand Marshal of a parade, the Got Laid Parade.