I’d Rather Feel the Pain than Nothing at All

In the past couple weeks several friends and colleagues have been hit with personal tragedy, AJ from East Celebrity Elite and Danika from Pacific Coast Magic being among them. There is little, if anything, I can claim to know about being a gym owner that lost a coach or athlete, or a kid that lost a coach. Although I thankfully haven’t been in either of those positions, I do know something about losing a friend and family member, and one of those things is that it stinks. There’s no amount of saying “She’s in a better place” or “She’s no longer suffering” that’s going to help. I’m selfish and I want my friends, family, and colleagues here with me, now and forever. Unfortunately we don’t always get what we want, and in some sick and twisted way, it’s one of the things that makes life special.

The fact that any of it can be changed or taken away at any moment, the fragility of life, and knowing we have a finite amount of it, makes it so we shouldn’t take any of it for granted. The ups and downs in life are tied together. The more you love something the more it hurts to lose it, and the more you love someone the more they can hurt you. Opening your heart and mind to love also opens it up to hurt, and that’s life.

“I’d Rather Feel the Pain than Nothing at All”

The recent events have reminded me to slow down and enjoy everything I can, to stop and watch kids play and laugh, to smile at someone that’s not smiling, to run like our dog when the gate is left open, and to spend time on the things that matter and with the people I care about.