Annoyed by Facebook Groups

I’m kind of annoyed by Facebook Groups. I guess it’s not really the groups, but the fact that someone can add me to one and it defaults to me getting an email about every single bit of activity that happens in the group. During my Facebookless Lent I was added to a couple groups and got email after email about stuff I didn’t want emails about. Once Lent was over I was able to log in and update the settings to stop getting emails for those groups, but there wasn’t a way to set the default for any future groups I may be added to. I’ve been reminded of this as I have recently been added to a couple groups that started flooding my inbox.

I would like to see one of two solutions. One, allow me to set Facebook so I have to approve being in a group before I start receiving email about the group. Two, allow me to set the default email settings for groups others add me to. Either of these would greatly reduce my annoyance with Facebook groups.