The 20 Minute Nap

I’ve been slacking again so I’ll give the cliffs notes version of the past few months. I may fill in some details later, but won’t make any promises now. I was in Atlanta for a few days at a cheerleading competition, imagine that. I met up with King Harrison in person for the first time and we started talking about areas where Fierceboard and Spirit Post could work together. I chatted with Courtney Pope and she told us a great story about a Leprechaun that you should ask her about if you ever run into her. I also met briefly with JG Ketchen to see if Gravadi could work with an idea I have. I also took the greatest 20 minute nap ever.

I have an annoying natural habit of waking up fairly early in the morning, regardless of how late I was up the night before. This happened in Atlanta on Saturday morning despite being up until around 6am the night before. After a long day at the competition, etc. I went back to the room to take a power nap before meeting up with some friends that were also at the competition as David went to another hotel to talk to Carlos. When I woke up David started talking about what happened at the other hotel. To make a long story short, the competition ran late so the kids didn’t get back to the hotel until close to 10. They were hungry and the pool was still open so many kids went to the pool while waiting for their parents to get them food. Near the pool was a restaurant and bar where many of the parents were having a drink or two while waiting for food. Apparently the hotel had a 10pm curfew for kids during sporting events that not everyone was aware of, so security starting kicking kids out of the open pool and sending them back to their rooms. Some of the parents took offense to how the kids were being treated and started griping at security, then 1 parent got slammed against the wall and arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct.

Problem Number 1 – Keeping the pool open past “curfew” was idiotic. You know kids are going to the pool any chance they get, so if they are supposed to be in their rooms you should close the places in the hotel kids are going to want to go.

Problem Number 2 – The person they arrested was not drinking. At all.

Problem Number 3 – The person arrested has virtually unlimited funds and a corporate legal department at her disposal.

David went to the College Park Police Department to bail her out, which he said wasn’t the quickest process, got her back to the hotel, and let her know which parent was watching her kids while she was occupied before coming back to the room. The reason I called this the greatest 20 minute nap ever is because when David came to the room I didn’t realize how much time had passed. Even while he was telling all that happened, I, in my just woken up state, was trying to figure out how all this happened so fast. Then I looked at the clock and realized about 6 hours had passed. I guess I needed some sleep.

When I started writing this I thought I would cover more than Atlanta and the 20 Minute Nap. I guess I’ll pick up where I left off later. There are several weddings to cover, some with more notice than others.