After speaking at the Illinois Conference I went to St. Louis to visit my cousin, Sean, and watch basketball. Sometime during the visit and watching basketball with his old friends, and my new friends, we had 2 discussions about the best. One was who is the best player in college basketball and the other was about what is the best phone on the market. To make a long story short I’ll just point out there’s a reason other players were being compared to John Wall and other phones are compared to the iPhone.

Before leaving St. Louis I tried to find a Chase Bank. Actually let’s back up. Before leaving Lexington I used Google Maps to see if there was a Chase Bank in the St. Louis area because I knew I would need one and wouldn’t be back in Lexington for a while. Google Maps indicated there were some branches so I thought all was good. Back to leaving St. Louis. The branches Google Maps said were there weren’t so I checked online with Chase. When I checked there were none in St. Louis, but a few options about 40 miles away. The Chase website specifically said the ATMs were open 24 hours and could accept deposits. Sean and I decided to drive up to one to get there and not be able to get to it. Sure the ATM may have been open 24 hours, but the building the ATM was in was not. At this point I was only a little annoyed because Sean and I made the most of the drive.

The next day I called Chase hoping talking to someone would be useful. It was an absolute waste of time. The person I talked to was unable to locate a branch or ATM close to St. Louis and wound up transferring me to a branch in Chicago that was closed. Since I still needed an ATM I decided to detour by a different Chase ATM on the way to Mississippi. This detour was about an hour out of the way. I got to the ATM this time, but it did not take deposits. I stopped by 2 other ATMs on the Chase list of ATMs that were deposit friendly and neither accepted deposits. I left St. Louis ready to leave Chase.

I’m done for now, but there’s more coming soon. I haven’t yet made it to Destin or Atlanta or talked about any Cheer Drama. My ending thought is to remind people their first instinct is probably the best one to go with. The amount of information you can process without realizing you are doing it is incredible. This is what you first instinct is based on. Trust it. Trust in yourself and if you don’t believe me read Malcolm Gladwell’s book Blink.