Hello March

Black History Month, also known as February, is now over.

I’ve spent most of the month of February in Mississippi working with David on Aneris and numerous other things. During that time we went to Mississippi State twice, the first for the Kentucky basketball game, and the other for the cheerleading clinic. I’ve already posted about the Kentucky game so I won’t repeat myself now. I was impressed by the size of the clinic which I believe was aided by Mississippi State’s success at UCA College Nationals last season and persistent rumors that Alabama will not be allowed to compete in the future. We went to eat at Mugshots after the clinic and I ran into Chris McDonald, someone I hung out with while I was at school at Southern Miss. After seeing him I remembered someone telling me he was one of the owners of Mugshots. We chatted for a few minutes, but he was working and we needed to get back to Jackson. It was good to see he was doing well.

One of the days in Mississippi I drove to Hattiesburg to have lunch with Brian Hunt. The drive to Hattiesburg took longer than I remembered, partially because an 18-wheeler blocked the highway, but it brought back many things I hadn’t thought about in a while. When I got to Brian’s I got to see his baby for the first time. Brian and I talked about several things. He is selling his gym to a gym out of Mobile. He’ll finish this season with them, then take a break or exit the gym business. We also talked a little about Aneris and the merits of compiled and interpreted languages.

Marcel was in Lexington this weekend because he was judging Cheersport. It gave us a chance to work on the Aneris interface and talk through a couple other things concerning the program. It was good to see him and work a few things out. After the competition I took Cel and Myron to Drake’s so they could eat someplace they could only find in Lexington.

I feel like I missed a few things so this may be continued later…