Who Dat

I really couldn’t think of a title for this one, so I chose one the would make Marcel, David, and Keaton happy. Congratulations to the Saints on their SuperBowl victory.

Atlanta was fun, the week since hasn’t been nearly as fun. CheerSport, what can you say. It’s undoubtedly the largest, and possibly the greatest cheerleading competition of the year. It ran smooth, as it has every year I have judged. The Dartfish system didn’t do much for me this year, but the potential it has can aid in more accurate judging. The trip back to Lexington was fine. I got to watch 24 and the end of the Kansas/Texas basketball game before things started going downhill. To put it subtly, I just say from Monday night until Wednesday morning I spent more of my awake time puking than I did not puking. Since I spent so much time sleeping and puking there isn’t much to write about.

Wednesday I went to Mississippi, which wasn’t the smartest idea, but I made it. Now it’s time to talk Miguel and Kelly out of some Mississippi State versus Kentucky basketball tickets for Tuesday.