Hello February

February started with a bachelor party in Providence, at least according to my body. It was actually an Athletic Championship Platinum Event in which they were awarding their Cheerleading Worlds bids. Due to some weather issues we had 2 judges not make it to the event. Fortunately Kiera lived close enough to drive up. Unfortunately I had the pleasure of being put on both panels. It wasn’t really that bad, just long days, 153 teams per day. Congrats to World Cup and East Celebrity Elite on earning the paid bids. From what we could remember, World Cup Shooting Star’s day one score of 95.5 is the second highest this year using the Varsity Standard of Scoring.

While on the topic of Providence, I want to apologize for an incident that occurred. As judges, part of our job is to remain professional and there was a point in the weekend in which this wasn’t done. Even though most of you will never as much as hear a mention of what happened, I want to apologize on part of the judges on the panel, at the event, and on behalf of judges everywhere that try to do the right thing.

Between catching up with Donna, Lila, Justin, Derek, and JP on Friday, the Remember the 80’s party on Saturday, and the Casino on Sunday, sleep wasn’t really part of the schedule in Providence. Saturday had some outrageous 80s outfits I’ll try to get some pictures of from the other judges. At the party I had the pleasure of meeting the crew from Elite in New York. We sat and chatted until they threw us out. I enjoyed it and want to thank them. Sunday turned into Casino night. Thanks Cole.

Next is Cheersport. Nick & Becky, it was great meeting you guys and good luck in Atlanta.