Happy Brithday to Me

Today is my birthday. It’s also a year and a day after I moved back to Lexington to start Showtime Spirit. A lot has happened in the past year. I’ve been there for a few friends that got married and a few that called it off, engagements and marriages. I’ve moved enough that I realize I only want to do it one more time, to Aruba. I’ve realized people work in many different ways.

I’ve also realized I like children a lot more than I thought. I loved Tuesdays because the Dippers came in. I knew L. would come in smiling and wouldn’t stop. I enjoyed watching the friendship between C., D., and S. grow. I like watching J. be a leader most days, but reminding us she is a kid every once in a while. I liked watching E. wrap Josh around her fingers so quickly he didn’t know what happened. I loved the “oops” looks A. gave us at least once a practice. I also love getting hugs from J. & K. everytime they walked in the gym. S. P. and M. each contributed to a year I’ll never forget.

Over the past year I’ve learned a few thing, in no certain order:

  1. Running a business is harder than expected.
  2. 4, 5, and 6 year olds can have you wrapped around their fingers in less than an hour.
  3. Parents will sacrifice a lot for the happiness of their children.
  4. No rule will stop someone from being stupid.
  5. Furniture is overrated.

To everyone that’s had a hand in making the past year what it was, Thank You.