Coach Billy G.

It seems like Coach Billy G. will soon be looking for a new job. If he is fired the reason given will be off the court stuff like his partying antics and inability to “relate” to the major donors, but reality is it comes down to wins. He isn’t getting the job done on the court. If he had 2 consecutive Final Four appearances he would have certain job security. I have to point out I was not a fan of the hiring of Billy G., but don’t think he should be fired either. I think firing a coach after 2 seasons is a black mark for the University doing it. It promotes the win at all costs sentiment that is damaging college athletics. 2 seasons isn’t enough time to get the players needed to run your system and if you are going to hire a coach you need to give him enough time to impact the program. If you can’t do that you failed in your hiring process. I do feel 3 seasons is enough time to tell if the program is going in the right direction, so if Billy isn’t soon jobless he needs to realize the seat is hot.

Billy G. led major turnarounds at the 2 schools he coached prior to Kentucky, but neither put him in the spotlight as being Kentucky’s coach did, and he didn’t have a long track record to look at. The other candidates that were getting press for Kentucky’s new coach after Tubby (Billy Donovan & John Calipari) have longer records. I think the person Kentucky should make a run for, assuming Billy the Kid doesn’t plan on leaving the Sunshine State, is Gonzaga’s Mark Few.