Windows Mobile 6

This week I upgraded my Cingular 8525 to Windows Mobile 6 (WM6). I say Cingular instead of AT&T because it is old enough that it is Cingular branded (externally) and needed the last ROM update to be internally AT&T branded. Here are my thoughts from my first weekend with the upgrade:

  • IMAP is fixed. When using WM5 I could not delete messages off the server, but I can with WM6. This means I don’t have to delete the same message multiple times on my phone and in Outlook.
  • Schedule mail send/receive has been fixed. Now when I ask for an account to be checked every so often, it is.
  • Windows Update has been incorporated. Although I haven’t really tested this yet because there haven’t been any updates release, this should make it much easier and more convenient to fix minor bugs.
  • The 3G flash screen volume has been adjusted to a reasonable level. This was one of my largest complaints previously, especially after learning it was not an issue in the AT&T branded 8525s.
  • Messages have some issues. When I created a new text message it flashes to the Today screen before creating a new message. It has also gone to the Today screen randomly when I clicked to open a message in one of my inboxes.
  • My Documents comes with a lot of unnecessary folders. This isn’t a major issue because I could delete them without them returning.
  • I can now save a number from the call history to an existing contact. Why it took so long for this, I have no idea.
  • I can also now view an email sender’s address without saving that person as a new contact. Again, what took so long?

That is all for now.