Google Maps

Last week I became a fan of Google Maps on my mobile and Monday I became a big fan. I started working at a new client’s office in an area of DC I have never been, so last week I punched the address in Google Maps. It pulled up the map, as expected, but more importantly it displayed the Metro station near the address, which is what I was trying to determine in the first place. Today as I was sitting in the new office, which is very close to the under construction stadium for the Washington Nationals, I pulled up the map again hoping to find the address to a restaurant I was told was near. When I looked at the application I noticed it allowed me to search for businesses near an address. It still had the business address saved from last week so all I had to do was type restaurants and it listed about 8 that were near me.

Later in the week I needed to make reservations for our Brotherhood dinner at the Caucus Room on Saturday, so I started Google Maps and searched for the Caucus Room. It gave me the address and phone number, which was expected, but it also displayed the name Caucus Room when I called; something normally reserved for numbers in my phone book.